Research and Publications

Xingming Observatory has engaged in the research of time-domain astronomy (transient search, follow-up of gamma-ray burst and gravitational wave optical counterparts) and solar system science (observation of asteroids, comets, and meteors), in collaboration with many professional astronomers in China and other countries. The Observatory operates the Xingming Observatory Sky Survey (XOSS) that search for transients, asteroids and comets. The Popular Supernova Project (PSP; Li et al. 2016), operated in collaboration with the National Astronomical Observatories of China under the XOSS umbrella, releases the images taken by a 35-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope to the general public in real-time to facilitate supernova discovery. Since its commissioning in August 2015, PSP has attracted over 10,000 participants and has recorded over 50 supernova discoveries.

  NASA/ADS Library for Xingming-involved Publications

Please consider including the following acknowledgment text for any presentation or publication based on the data obtained by the Xingming facilities:

The operation of Xingming Observatory was made possible by the generous support from the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

If your research made use of the 60-cm NEXT telescope, please include the following text:

The Ningbo Bureau of Education and Xinjiang Observatory Telescope (NEXT) is funded by the Ningbo Bureau of Education and supported by the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory.