• Ningbo bureau of Education and Xinjiang observatory Telescope (NEXT): 60-cm reflector + FLI PL230 CCD
  • Half-Meter Telescope (HMT): 50-cm f/3.5 reflector + QHY-16 CCD
    • Built and donated by the HMT Collaboration: Chen Song (Project Manager; surname first — same hereinafter), Cao Xi, Cheng Jiefeng, Fang Zhou, Gao Xing, Qiu Hongyun (QHYCCD), Shen Yanfang, Xing Zhigang, Zhang Lei
  • CSP system: Takahashi FSQ-106N 10.6-cm refractor + Apogee U16M
  • XP1 system: Takahashi FSQ-106N 10.6-cm refractor + STL11000M (courtesy of Chan Yat Ping)
  • XP3 system: Vixen R200SS 20-cm reflector + QHY-9
  • XP4 system: Vixen ED114SS 11.4-cm reflector + QHY-8
  • SASP system: Celestron C14 35-cm reflector + QHY-9
  • XP5 system: Takahashi 25-cm f/7.3 reflector + SBIG-8300 (courtesy of Chan Yat Ping)
  • All-sky camera system: TOUCAM 840K, ASI120MC (donated by Wen Jia), QHY-5II, ASI130MM.


  • NSP system: 10.7-cm f/2.8 lens + Canon 350D
  • XP2 system: 6.8-cm f/2 lens + Canon 350D