LBV candidate IN NGC4559 – XM13MZ

LBV candidate IN NGC4559

Mi Zhang and Xing Gao, report the outburst of a LBV candidate (mag approximately 16.7) was discovered on several 40-s survey images (limiting mag about 19.0) taken by Xing Gao in Xingming Observatory Sky Survey(C42) around Jun. 01.78395 UT using a unfiltered CCD ( + Celestron C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope D=356-mm @f/6.9 ). The transient approximately located at R.A.=12h35m52.30s +27d55’55”.8 (equinox 2000.0). Which is about 70.8″ west and 100.1″ south of the center of the NGC4559. Nothing is visible at this position on archival images taken on May. 09.76292 UT(limiting mag 19.0).
XM13MZ C2019 06 01.78395 12 35 52.30 +27 55 55.8 16.7 V C42
All images can be seen from:
C42, Xingming Observatory, Mt. Nanshan. Observers Mi Zhang and Xing Gao, Measurer M.Zhang 0.36-m f/6.9 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and CCD.